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   Coffee Equipment  Est 3

Aeropress Jura Ena3 Jura Ena9 Zassenhaus Commercial equipment

Plungers (French presses) (click here for more)

Insulated black 2-cup plunger (0.35 litre): R 145 (incl. VAT)

Insulated black 8-cup plunger (1 litre): R 215 (incl. VAT)

We also stock pyrex plungers in the same sizes and at the same price.


Aeropress manual coffee / espresso maker - R325

Spare filters - R35 / pack


Stove-top espresso makers

Bialetti Venus

Bialetti aluminium 2 cup

R 328

Bialetti aluminium 4 cup

R 375

Bialetti aluminium 9 cup

R 595

Valira Isabella stainless steel 4 cup

R 390

Valira Isabella stainless steel 10 cup

R 630

Barista stainless steel 4 cup

R 480

Barista stainless steel 6 cup

R 540

Barista stainless steel 10 cup

R 670

Bialetti Venus stainless steel 2 cup

R 445

Bialetti Venus stainless steel 4 cup

R 470

Bialetti Venus stainless steel 6 cup

R 550

Bialetti Venus stainless steel 10 cup

R 770


Milk Frothing

Brew Tool fully automatic milk frother: R 650 (incl. VAT)


Electric Grinders

Petra fully adjustable burr grinder: R 960 (incl VAT)


Manual Grinders

Zassenhaus Sanitiago manual knee grinder (more) - R950 (incl VAT)

Zassenhaus Lima stainless steel maunal grinder (more) - R570 (incl VAT)

Zassenhaus Havana manual turkish grinder (more) - R850 (incl VAT)

 Jura Ena3 (R7,900 incl VAT)

Jura Ena9 (R11,970 incl. VAT)


For a commercial machine we recommend and supply the La Marzocco Strada MP 2-group at R92,000 (incl VAT).


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