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1. Heat the plunger pot and your cup(s) with some boiling water. Empty out the water.

2. Coarse grind freshly-roasted Arabica coffee (ideally roasted less than two weeks ago). Use the coarsest grind setting on your burr grinder. The amount to use is 50g to 55g per litre of water. A typical small single Bodum is 350ml, which requires 18g. A large Bodum is 800ml, for which you need to use 40g of coffee.

3. Add a small amount of cold water to the coffee grounds and let stand for approximately 30 seconds.

4. Boil a kettle and let the boiled water stand off the boil for about 30 seconds. Then add water from the kettle to the plunger. When brewing coffee the water temperature should always be 92 degrees celcius or less.

5. The coffee should create foam - an indication of freshly roasted coffee. Stir the coffee so that the coffee grounds swirl.

6. Add the plunger / lid and let the coffee brew for about three minutes while the swirling subsides.

7. Push down the plunger, pour into your warm cup and enjoy. Drink immediately. Never re-heat coffee.



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