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   All about home roasting  Est 3


Roasting coffee in the home has been universal standard practice for the last five hundred years and is still practiced routinely today in many countries such as Ethiopia. The most common method has been to roast in a heavy pan or rotating iron drum over a red-hot fire.  There is currently a revival of home roasting in the convenience-driven world: it is an easy way for coffee-lovers to get access to better quality, fresher beans; plus it is significantly cheaper.

The key advantage of home roasting is freshness. Coffee flavour and aroma typically peaks a few hours after roasting and progressively declines with rapid natural oxidation. Stored as beans coffee typically loses half it's taste after two weeks. Ground coffee stales within hours. In contrast, green beans can be kept for years without any change of taste - in fact many coffee lovers believe that coffee's flavour improves with green bean aging.


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