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From the foremost tropical highland coffee plantations - scroll down for our selection of 20 coffees


Mild Coffees

Sidamo, Ethiopia - medium-bodied and balanced

Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia - the distinctive Ethiopian coffee famous for its lemony tart acidity. World top ten coffee.

Limu, Ethiopia - indigenous coffee with winey taste tones

Monsooned Malabar - aged pale yellow in the monsoon winds gives a very mellow coffee

Maragogype, Nicaragua - "elephant bean" coffee from Nicaragua - low-yield mild coffee


Full-Bodied Coffees

Mandheling, Sumatra (Indonesia) - a full-bodied, rich coffee with a unique taste.

Koutaba, Cameroon - a complex creamy coffee with earthy tones

Organica, Cauca, Colombia - full-bodied organic coffee

Bugisu, Mt Elgon, Uganda - earthy, full-bodied complex coffee with fruit notes

Quebradon, Huila, Colombia - nutty, caramel and vanilla

Harrar, Ethiopia - the original classic longberry mocha coffee with blueberry flavours.


High-Acidity Coffees (bright, dry, crisp)

Kiha, Tanzania - sweet and balanced

Antigua, Guatemala - world-class complex coffee

Los Naranjos, Colombia - the world's number one rated coffee


Our Blends

Switch House Blend

A pleasantly balanced blend of La Piramide, Limu, Yirgacheffe and Mandheling. Always the best coffee at the best price.


 Atractiva Colombian Blend

A rich, dark, full-bodied blend or our Colombian relationship coffees.


Antaria silky-smooth Blend

A smooth mild blend of refined complex coffees


Moonlight Sonata Low Caffeine Blend

A smooth after-dinner coffee. A blend of naturally low caffeine wild Limu coffee and CO2 decaffeinated coffee.

Beanpeace Certified Organic Blend

A blend of three certified organic coffees: the Chanchamayo from Peru, the Organica from Colombia and the Limu from Ethiopia.


Cardinal Sins Award Winning Blend

A refined blend of the world's finest prize-winning coffees.


Decaffeinated Coffee


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The Coffee Roasting Co. brings you Earth's exemplary Arabica coffees delivered at their peak taste. Our coffees are all handpicked on premium highland plantations situated at altitudes above 1500m a.m.s.l.  The world's best coffees grow in temperate tropical highlands with good soils: Hawaii, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, India, PNG and Indonesia (see here for harvest seasons). Coffee is indigenous to Ethiopia, Africa.


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