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   Limu  Est 3

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Limu is the name of a town in the western highlands of Ethiopia: the area which is the natural indigenous habitat of the Arabica coffee tree.

This is the home of the original wild "Arabica typica" species and many coffee trees still grow in the wild in these highlands.

Wild coffee is the ultimate coffee and truly superior to all other species.

Limu coffee contains fruit hand picked from these high altitude wild trees and is wet processed. Several stages of sorting are employed.  Beans have a distinctive rounded shape and bright greenish colour.

Limu consistently scores high in blind taste tests with our customers and is renowned for its good balanced cup and sweet winey flavours. It is commonly enjoyed as pure single origin coffee and is popular with connoisseurs in Europe

We roast our Limu to a full city roast (on the brink of second crack).

If you want to buy coffee from Limu, please check our price list and ordering procedure on our home page.













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